Our Mental Health Mission

PADDYCOIN – Our Mental Health Mission

The mission to the moon shouldn’t be a coin’s only goal. We believe cryptocurrency can be a powerful force for good in the world, and when large communities come together, they have an extraordinary power to make lasting change.

At PADDYCOIN, one of our aims is to do just this. First we will champion a cause or ‘mission’, spread awareness via our social channels during a targeted campaign, then make public donations from our dev wallet to complete this mission.

You, PADDYCOIN and the rest of our community of holders can raise money to help tackle real issues whilst building your own pot of gold. We think this is one of the most exciting features of PADDYCOIN and we hope you do too.

This brings us to the subject of our first charitable mission; the mental health crisis.


The world is facing a global mental health crisis. A crisis that has only worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are millions of people in need of mental health help, and that number is rising rapidly.

In fact, Project Hope recently reported that 25% of the world’s population suffers from mental health issues. That’s one in every four people you walk past every single day. Each fighting their own battle.

The most alarming statistic is that 70% of those people don’t receive the mental health care they need.

There are many reasons that 70% of people who have mental health problems don’t get professional assistance.

A lack of trained mental health workers is certainly one, another is funding, whether that’s government funding facilities and services, or whether that is the person suffering not being able to afford the services of a therapist or mental health professional.

PADDYCOIN is aiming to launch campaigns to tackle all of these issues and to provide around the clock and affordable mental health support to people around the world.

PADDYCOIN may aim for the moon, but we’re not leaving the 70% behind.

We’re all going together.

Standby for more announcements.


PADDYCOIN is a community driven DeFi Token that rewards people who hold with gold. 



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