How To Buy Paddycoin

How to Buy Paddycoin

Select below whether you wish to purcahse PADDYCOIN on the exchange IndoEx or PancakeSwap to bring up a step-by-step guide. 

If you’re new to crypto and are struggling to purchase, join our Discord group  or Telegram and ask for help on how to buy. 

  1.  Download the Trust Wallet app.
  2. Purchase BNB using TrustWallet (or purchase BNB on any exchange and send it to your TrustWallet).
  3. Select your BNB balance, ‘More’ then ‘Swap to Smart Chain’.
  4. Go to https://exchange.pancakeswap.financ  on your Safari browser. This will take you to Pancake Swap. 
  5. Connect your wallet to Pancake Swap by selecting ‘Connect’ and then select WalletConnect and finally choose TrustWallet. Your wallet will now be connected to Pancake Swap. 
  6. On Pancake Swap, go to ‘Exchange’ and select BNB, and in the bottom slot tap ‘Select currency’ to search, and search for PADDYCOIN by entering our contract address: 0x980a7a2060e5f849d9bd26bb6b266b1ba205e123
  7. Click the slider icon at the top, set the slippage tolerance to 12% then close the pop up box.
  8. Set the amount you wish to buy in the “From” box, and press the “Swap” button
  9. Confirm the transaction and…


1. Sign up to a new account on Indoex

2. Sign up (if you haven’t already) to Binance

3. On Binance, buy the amount of USDT you’d like to convert to PADDY

4. Go to your Binance wallet and send the USDT to your Indoex wallet by clicking ‘withdraw USDT’ on Binance and ‘Deposit USDT’ on Indoex. When selecting which wallet to deposit to on Indoex, select ‘Tron Network’. 

5. Once you’ve received your USDT to Indoex, you can now buy PADDYCOIN with it

Contract Address


What is this address?

The contract address is the official PADDYCOIN address and is used to locate us on PancakeSwap. 

How to view PADDYCOIN in Trust Wallet

Once you’ve bought your PADDYCOIN, head back to your Trustwallet and click the icon in the top right corner to add a new coin to your dashboard.

Once there, search the PADDYCOIN address to add it:


Select it. Sit back. Watch your balance grow. 


PADDYCOIN is a community driven DeFi Token that rewards people who hold with gold. 



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