We’re delighted to announce that PADDYCOIN has agreed a marketing partnership with Slaats Media.

As we prepare for a big marketing push throughout the rest of Q3 and Q4, bringing in heavyweights of the industry is a big boost for PADDY, as we look to continue the great progress we were making before the temporary market dip. 

The Slaats Media website reads:

“Slaats Media is an online marketing agency that does content creation, social media management and website development. 

Our follower network has currently reached more than 3 million followers. This network gives us an enormous advantage over other agencies and gives us the opportunity to help our partners even better.”

PADDYCOIN will be working with Slaats to bring in new holders, beginning with a marketing campaign across their hugely popular brand Pun and Fun, which boasts more than 1.5 million followers.

Promotion of PADDYCOIN will begin this Sunday and will run until the end of the year, with consistent and powerful promotions being activated every month.

This partnership also gives PADDY the opportunity to reach a more international audience.

As well as beginning work with Slaats Media, our other marketing partner Social Alchemist has begun a fresh social campaign, with a recent activation spreading brand awareness to hundreds of thousands. 

We will also be working with brand ambassador True Geordie and The Kick Off to resume the great word they were spreading about PADDY and its mental health mission. 



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