It’s been a turbulent time for the crypto market, and new projects such as PADDYCOIN felt the effects of the huge price dips in BTC, ETH and other major coins. In our case, the price of BNB impacted our price momentum.

There’s been a lot of FUD around cryptocurrencies’ role in the wider world too, which has caused hesitance in new investors and resulted in market-wide fall in trading volume.

We’ve been transparent from the start, saying that market-wide issues will impact PADDYCOIN in the short-term. But the long-term goals and ambitions have only changed for the better.

This market dip has reaffirmed what we always wanted to do; to reward those who hold with gold. So, as the market and price may sometimes get bumpy on our journey to the moon, those who stay loyal to the project will ultimately reap the rewards in the long-term.

All of the PADDYCOIN devs remain just as excited for the future of the coin, and we are so grateful for the community’s continued support and commitment during this dip across the wider cryptocurrency market.

In continued efforts to remain transparent with holders, we thought we’d drop updates on a number of areas, and also explain how the market has impacted our strategies and activations.


One of our main shorter term goals is to have an official mental health charity partner. This charity partnership will separate us from a lot of other crypto projects and will give us more credibility with both new holders and future partners. Most importantly, our charity partner will be able to provide invaluable expertise and assistance for the launch of our Project PADDY app. We will also provide numerous donations to our charity partner throughout the year.

We’ve held a number of talks with an excellent mental health charity who are excited by the project. We’ve submitted an official proposal for the partnership, and we’re hoping that very soon we can announce this across PADDY channels, all of the Social Alchemist network, True Geordie and of course the charity’s network.


Our mental health ambassador True Geordie remains as committed and excited by the project as when he first onboarded. If you tune in to his streams, you’ll have seen he still speaks often and highly of the work going on at PADDYCOIN HQ.

The Kick Off have also continued to promote the coin on their shows, and these promotions are great for spreading the name of PADDYCOIN.

Due to the market dip, these massive promotions haven’t resulted in a huge uptake in new holders, due to a hesitance in new investors to get into crypto. But, as the crypto FUD fades away and BTC continues on its incredible path, each activation and new ambassador will lead to many new holders.

We’ve held a number of talks with potential new ambassadors, and when the time and market is right, we’ll announce a whole host of new names that will reach millions of potential new $PADDY holders.


Our marketing strategy was an aggressive one. PADDYCOIN burst onto the crypto scene, and the price soared. We spread the word of PADDY across social media accounts and publishers with more than 10 million followers.

The dip saw the new holders gained via each activation start to slow down temporarily, which means rather than waste valuable time, effort and resources, we need to adapt our marketing strategy appropriately.

Rather than use huge amounts of budget during this time when people aren’t investing massively in crypto, it makes a lot more sense for PADDY to be patient and limit paid marketing, until the crypto market gets back on its path, and then execute a huge marketing push in sync with the market’s return to form. In the meantime we will leverage our own channels and ramp up how we spread the word of PADDYCOIN on Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

Our main aim now is to preserve our current level of holders. If we can do that, and they maintain their belief in the long-term PADDYCOIN project; when the market corrects we will be in an even stronger position than we were earlier on in the year.

And when that day comes, be ready. It’s going to be incredible.


We remain committed to launching on new exchanges, but as with our marketing strategy, it will be a lot more beneficial for the coin and its price to launch a new exchange when that exchange has a great influx of volume.

A coinmarketcap listing remains a priority for us, they have everything they need and we are hopeful of a successful listing in the short term. We have noticed their rate of new coin additions slow dramatically over the past 4 weeks and believe that is partly contributing to our delay. 


Paddypay progress has remained unaffected by the market. It’s coming. And it will be a world-first.


During this time, it’s more important than ever that we reward our holders and provide them with transparency and answers to any questions they may have. So, as of next week, more of the PADDYCOIN devs will be joining and actively participating in the Discord.

The Discord server will be given a dev directory, which means if they have a question about marketing, there will be a dev they can chat to about it. If they have a question about charity, there will be a dev on hand to answer any questions about that.

The devs are excited to get more hands in the Discord channel and to interact more with the brilliant community we’ve built so far.

The future is bright.



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