The wait is over, PADDYCOIN is available to buy on IndoEx with USDT.

This is a truly huge step for the PADDY team and community and despite being only three weeks old, we are delighted to have achieved a feat that most cryptocurrencies can only dream of at our stages.

This listing makes it MUCH easier and less complicated to purchase $PADDY. Head to our How To Buy section to buy now.

IndoEx ranks as CoinMarketCap’s 77th largest exchange in the world, with a 24 hour trade volume of $1.6 billion.

Launched on 16 Jan 2019, IndoEx is a decentralized exchange headquartered in Estonia and the UK. It supports EUR/USD fiat pairs. It aims to be the safest fastest digital asset exchange designed to serve experienced traders, professionals, and institutions.


$PADDY will now be paired with USDT for the first time, and all of the coin’s tokenomics will be supported on the IndoEx platform.

The Tokenomics work slightly differently on IndoEx. Only transfers of PADDYCOIN between wallets will be taxed 10%.

If you transfer USDT to IndoEx and buy PADDYCOIN, you will not be charged 10% unless you withdraw the PADDY from your wallet. And if you sell your PADDY to USDT on IndoEx, you also won’t be charged 10%. You will also not be charged 10% if you withdraw your USDT.

So while the Tokenomics are supported, it will be less frequent than on PancakeSwap.

PADDYCOIN payouts to holders on IndoEx will be monthly. So, on the 10th of each month all holders will receive a lump sum of PADDYCOIN as a reward for holding.

Also, if you were to sell or transfer your coins at any other time of the month, your rewards will be pro rata.

Any PADDYCOIN transferred between Trustwallet and IndoEx will still be subject to the standard 10% tax.



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