Ahead of the Champions League Final special episode this weekend, we are delighted to announce a long term partnership with The Kick Off podcast and the show’s hosts.

As you’ll know by now, True Geordie, one of the popular football show’s hosts, is a Brand Ambassador of PADDYCOIN, and we are thrilled to become an official partner of the show.

The Kick Off’s hosts, True Geordie, Laurence McKenna, Rory Jennings and Adam McKola have a combined 4.3 million followers, and each episode garners hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The Kick Off’s Laurence McKenna said:

“Crypto is something we’ve all been interested in for a while, sharing wins and losses in our WhatsApp groups. This seems like the right time to do something like this and spread some good at the same time.”

Not only will $PADDY be regularly promoted to the show’s wide audience, but all hosts are dedicated to promoting the PADDYCOIN brand and forthcoming projects.

Earlier tonight we announced our first winner of the random $1,000 competition in the PADDYCOIN Discord. Make sure you join for your chance to win next week.

We also have tons more announcements coming, including celebrity partnerships, charity announcements, exchanges and more.



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