Word of PADDYCOIN is spreading… fast.

After the announcement of True Geordie as our first ambassador, the PADDYCOIN web and search traffic exploded. People all over the world have been asking what PADDYCOIN is and how they can buy it.

We know that many people can currently find buying PADDYCOIN on PancakeSwap difficult or time-consuming, and we’ve been taking all of your user feedback on board since we launched.

In regards to our roadmap for $PADDY; we were hoping to have the coin listed on a major exchange by the end of the year. But, due to the positive attention the coin has been getting, we’re happy to announce that we’re revising that.

We were recently approached by Bibox, one of the world’s biggest exchanges. Bibox ranks 10th on Coinmarketcap by trading volume, with a reported $7.6 billion traded in the past 24 hours.

After talks about our project, Bibox were keen to make PADDYCOIN one of the 160 coins they currently offer on their exchange.

We worked with the Bibox team all last week, and we can announce that we have passed ALL checks required to be listed on the exchange.

Not only that, but the listing also means that PADDYCOIN won’t exclusively be paired with BNB for much longer.

Bibox users will be able to exchange PADDYCOIN with USDT and BTC.

Bibox’s marketing team are also working on a number of big activations to celebrate the launch of PADDYCOIN on the exchange, with a number of competitions being lined up that will be promoted to their massive existing userbase.

The only thing that’s left to do is for the PADDYCOIN and Bibox devs to finalise reflections on the exchange. Both teams are working hard to ensure that you will continue to earn gold when you hold on Bibox.

Once the technical work is finished, we’ll be onboarded, and PADDYCOIN will take a monumental step. We expect all of this will be completed, and the listing will go live in the next couple of weeks.

That will mean that in less than a month, PADDYCOIN will have been born and listed on one of the world’s biggest exchanges.

A simplified way of buying. US Dollar and Bitcoin pairings. Huge levels of volume. Big marketing push to new users. Amazing.



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