If the first five days of PADDYCOIN have taught us anything, it’s that our holders are loyal and passionate about the PADDYCOIN project and our journey to the moon. 

Since we launched during EU Mental Health Awareness Week, the PADDYCOIN community have remained calm and committed through the market’s ups & downs, staying loyal to both the coin’s continued growth and the cause that they’ve backed.

With that in mind, there’s no better time to announce something we’ve been working on since day one: an exclusive PADDYCOIN holders club, formed to reward those who stayed here from the start. 

It’s common knowledge now that you earn gold when you hold, but we wanted to do something exclusively for those who got in first. Those who joined the journey early on and have stuck with $PADDY. Without you, there is no PADDYCOIN, and neither our mission to the moon, or our efforts to tackle the global mental health crisis would be possible.

Introducing, The PADDYCOIN 5,000 Club. 

The PADDYCOIN 5,000 Club is an exclusive club for the first 5,000 community members that provides a whole host of perks and rewards.

To celebrate the launch of the PADDYCOIN 5,000 club, we’re going to be giving away $1,000 in PADDYCOIN to one lucky member, every week, for the first 5 weeks!

The club will officially launch this coming Sunday (May 23rd), and next Friday (May 28th) will be the first $1,000 airdrop. 

We will do this each week for the first five weeks of our journey. 

And once we hit 5,000 members, we’ll be giving away $10,000 in PADDYCOIN to one lucky member. 

In addition to this, members of 5,000 Club will also be eligible for the following holder perks: 

  • The 5,000 club will receive announcements before anyone else, as well as exclusive information on what’s to come from the PADDYCOIN team. 
  • Monthly competitions with airdrops of up to $10,000.
  • Members will vote on numerous projects, helping shape the path and future of the coin. 
  • A referral scheme will be introduced to the 5,000 club members, giving members a chance to earn $PADDY by introducing friends to the coin. 
  • Incentives to earn $PADDY by being an active community member. Tweeting, posting on sub Reddits etc. 
  • Exclusive Q&As with the devs. The original 5,000 will be used as spokespeople for all holders. These members will be able to vocalise any suggestions, concerns or queries raised by the community. 
  • The club members will get 5,000 club member status in the official PADDYCOIN Discord. 
  • And finally, there will be loads of spontaneous gifts, competitions and rewards for the group members. But we can’t ruin the surprise about those just yet.

The PADDYCOIN 5,000 Club will launch this coming Sunday (May 23rd), and we will announce the eligibility criteria later this week. But if you’re reading this and you hold $PADDY, you’re in the Discord and are a subscriber of the official PADDYCOIN Subreddit, it’s safe to already consider yourself a member. 

Don’t worry if you’re holding $5 and not $50,000 of $PADDY. We’re here to reward loyalty. No matter how big your bag is, you are just as likely to be rewarded as the next person.

We hope you’re all as excited as we are for the 5,000 club launch, and make sure you invite friends into the Discord before it’s too late! 

Finally, we’ll touch base on everything else that’s going on behind the scenes. 

We were delighted to announce earlier today that PADDYCOIN is officially listed on CoinGecko. We look forward to welcoming the many new members that will bring. 

Not only that, but our first brand ambassador announcement is coming this Friday. The ambassador is the perfect fit for the brand, and also has a determination to make real change when it comes to mental health. 

We have so much going on in terms of charity announcements, big marketing plans and even exchange news, that we’re working tirelessly to provide constant updates and regular announcements. 

We may only be five days old, but we’re already making big strides to getting where we want to be 🍀🚀



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