As promised, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you two major announcements in one day. And we’re pleased to say we’ve managed to do it.

Firstly, we addressed an issue raised by the community about an unlocked LP wallet. We worked overnight with the help of CryptEx to resolve this issue swiftly, and we were delighted to announce that as of this morning, 99.5% of PADDYCOIN liquidity was securely locked.

The PADDYCOIN devs would like to thank the team at CryptEx for their support in ensuring $PADDY was locked securely.

Details of the LP lock can be found here:

Now, on to the second announcement of the day.

Many in the PADDYCOIN community have been curious about our marketing strategy and how we plan to grow our family of holders. Well, today we’re going to let you in on on one part of that strategy.

We’re pleased to announce a content amplification partnership with Social Alchemist. You may not immediately recognise that name, but wait until we tell you about their brands.

  • Made in Poor Taste. 1.85 million followers.
  • Only Scrans. 660,000 followers.
  • Stray Offside. 400,000 followers.
  • Just Girl Stuff. 145,000 followers.
  • Must Win Game. 130,000 followers.
  • Top Bins Official. 110,000 followers.

We have joined forces with Social Alchemist to spread the name of PADDYCOIN far and wide, and to promote the token’s mental health projects.

This is a partnership that is the first of many, and will take PADDYCOIN to the next level of growth. These powerful brands reach 150 million people per week.

Social Alchemist’s CEO, Jonathan, said:

“As soon as we researched PADDYCOIN and their plans, we knew we wanted to be a part of the journey. Mental health is massively important to Social Alchemist and our audiences, and we believe this project can truly bring change to the treatment and mental health services available to young people in particular. We’re thrilled to be on board, and we know our audience will be just as thrilled to learn about the project.”

The content amplification partnership will begin this Friday, May 21st, and everyone at PADDYCOIN is seriously excited for the coin to reach so many people.

But we’re not done there.

We have a number of major announcements coming this week, including a VERY well known brand ambassador. Stay tuned for updates.

Lastly, we’d like to thank the PADDYCOIN community.. Without the community, the coin is nothing. We’re only 3 days in, and the reception the coin has had has been nothing short of incredible.

Continue to spread the word of $PADDY across social media, and let’s change the world.



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