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PADDYCOIN is a revolutionary, community-driven cryptocurrency that rewards holders by sending them more coins every single time somebody sells. Earn gold when you hold.

Passive Earning

 Earn gold when you hold. All holders of PADDYCOIN will earn more coins indefinitely through RFI static rewards. These advanced tokenomics mean you can sit back & watch your balance grow. All you have to do is HOLD.


PADDYCOIN tokenomics are achieved through three simple processes; redistribution, burn and LP acquisition. This enables us to reward our followers for holding, increase the value by decreasing the supply and build liquidity for new exchanges so we can continue to grow PADDYCOIN.

Community Driven

We’re all about community. A currency made by the people, for the people. PADDYCOIN not only aims to reward those who hold with gold, but will also use tokenomics to give back by donating to various charity projects & good causes.

The Roadmap

What we'll be up to in 2021

  • Q1 2021

    Q1 2021

    PADDCYOIN Protocol Initiated

    All of the behind the scenes work begun. Our dev team was brought on board to begin planning the birth of PADDYCOIN. All technical logistics around our ‘earn gold while you hold’ mantra were established. All the coding was put in place to redistribute coins sold to loyal holders.
    Web development has also begun in Q1, with devs finalising all UI/UX aspects of the sites ahead of the build.
    Our marketing team worked on a full strategy that will be rolled out in Q2 following the coin’s launch. Influencers with a total following of almost 100 million followers were onboarded, all committed to spreading the name of PADDYCOIN far and wide.

  • Q2 2021

    Q2 2021

    PADDYCOIN is born

    In May 2021, PADDYCOIN will be launched and will be available to the general public to buy and hold. The coin’s contract will be fully verified by BSCscan and listed on PancakeSwap, where it will be paired with BNB.
    Before the launch, the PADDYCOIN website will be built, published and stress tested.
    Plans for charity projects also begins, with devs contacting a number of mental health charities and holding preliminary discussions on how PADDYCOIN can be used to tackle the global mental health crisis.
    Finally, the top secret work for Project Paddy begins ahead of the announcement in Q3. The only clue given about Project Paddy is that it is a revolutionary app that will change the lives of millions of people and send PADDYCOIN to the moon.

  • Q3 2021

    Q3 2021

    PaddyPay changes everything

    Q3 is a hugely important stage in PADDYCOIN’s development.
    Marketing efforts will increase tenfold, with numerous influencers and new brand ambassadors being onboarded and announced throughout the quarter.
    PADDYCOIN’s first charity partner will also be announced in Q3, with the first #ProjectPaddy plans also revealed alongside the charity news.
    The PADDYCOIN devs will be working to announce a number of new exchanges that will list $PADDY to support the coin’s growth and open it up to large new markets.
    And a year ahead of schedule, the PADDYCOIN dev team will release initial plans for the launch of the groundbreaking PaddyPay.

  • Q4 2021

    Q4 2021

    #ProjectPaddy is here

    In Q4, PADDYCOIN will achieve two major goals. The first will be the launch of PADDYCOIN’s PaddyPay – a world-first service that has been offered by no cryptocurrency before.
    Alongside the launch will be a huge project-wide push on marketing and news coverage for the revolutionary PaddyPay, bringing in a whole new wave of $PADDY holders.
    This marketing push will be accompanied by even more influencer and brand ambassador announcements, opening up $PADDY to an even wider audience as we progress through the quarter.
    Later in Q4, #ProjectPaddy will be fully unveiled. This app-based project will be released with our mental health charity partner and aims to help tackle the global mental health crisis, something that has been one of PADDYCOIN’s aims since pre-launch.


PADDYCOIN is a community driven DeFi Token that rewards people who hold with gold.